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Conference Interpreting

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Localization, LLC Translation Services delivers a perfect blend of human and technical aspects that will make interpreting part of your conference flow graciously and trouble free. Our linguists have interpreted for presidents, ambassadors, religious leaders and state dignitaries. Our sound engineers are the most experienced in the industry working hand in hand with interpreters and project managers.

Simultaneous (conference) interpretation is one of the most demanding branches in applied linguistics. During the conference, interpreter renders the message in the target-language while the speaker continuously speaks. Preparation for conference interpreting could take weeks for interpreter as well as project managers who must ensure that every step of the project is thoroughly thought through. These steps include provision of all available materials for interpreters (speeches, Power Point presentations slides), venue assessment, necessary audio equipment (microphones, transmitters, mixing consoles) and interpreting booths. Conference interpreting could get very complicated with some requiring relay interpreting if there are more than 2 working languages.

A successful conference is a product of close collaboration of interpreters, equipment engineers and project managers. But of course, it's the interpreters who are the heart and soul of any conference interpreting. Everything will depend on how they perform so having interpreters with the right education, experience and support team is the integral part of the job.

If you have an upcoming conference and you are looking for a reliable interpreting partner, you will find one in Localization, LLC Translation Services. Because we know what it takes and what's at stake!

Consecutive interpreting also available.

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